Oriental & Fine Rug Cleaning In Pittsburgh

One of the finest accent pieces in a home are area rugs. Rugs can add an exotic, sophisticated look and feel to any space whether it is a Persian rug, a classic Oriental design, or a silk handmade rug. Maintaining a rug’s original vitality can be a challenge and there are many steps to the process to make sure there is no damage to the fine and delicate fibers. ZEROREZ® rug cleaning technicians offer cleaning solutions that will leave your rug looking and smelling like new while giving you the peace of mind that it is being handled with care.

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Area Rug Clening Pittsburgh
Area Rug With A Professional Cleaning By Zerorez

A Platinum Rating from the CRI

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) gave the ZEROREZ® cleaning system a Platinum Rating for its superior cleaning efficacy. Rug fibers can damage easy, colors can bleed, and even the most expensive rugs can left looking messy when inefficient cleaning methods are used. Businesses and families trust ZEROREZ® of Pittsburgh and their certified technicians to clean fine oriental and area rugs safely and effectively.

Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning in Pittsburgh:


All natural products combined & state-of-the-art cleaning technologies.

Absences of a soapy residue helps your rugs stay glean for a longer period of time.


Rug wills retain their vibrant colors and maintain their original look and feel.

Special techniques are used to remove stubborn spots and stains.


Rug fibers are protected with ZEROREZ® non-toxic, safe cleaning methods.

The life of your rug will be extended and your investment protected.

Keep Your Oriental Rug Looking Beautiful

Professional cleaning by ZEROREZ® can bring your area rugs back to their original beauty. Our trained specialists will make sure your rugs are treated as our own and help your home become a cleaner environment for you and your family.

Contact us today to keep your rugs looking clean and refreshed.

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