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Tips for Taking Care of Upholstery

Tips for Taking Care of Upholstery

For many people, their couch is one of their best friends. It is where they indulge in their midnight snacks, binge-watch all of their favorite tv shows, or take their long-awaited Sunday naps. Unfortunately, your upholstery is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, and it absorbs dirt and dead skin cells. If you want your best friend (your couch) to be with you for the long haul, pay attention to these five tips to help take care of your upholstery!

Tips For Taking Care of Upholstery

1- Vacuum Upholstered Furniture Often

Without regular vacuuming, dust and hair will inevitably accumulate on your upholstery. Vacuuming sucks up surface-level dirt from the fabric of your upholstered furniture. This not only makes for a more comfortable seat but also extends the life and preserves the cleanliness of the upholstery itself.

2- Rotate and Fluff Couch Cushions

Couches and furniture that use a lot of stuffing will slowly deflate over time, shifting the balance of filling between different sections. This can result in uneven stuffing suggesting a lumpy couch or chair. By making sure all cushions are fairly plump with their fillings, you can even out any lumps by rotating and fluffing your couch cushions often.

3- Clean Up Messes and Spills Quickly

We get it; spills happen! As soon as a spill happens, grab a clean washcloth and dab at the mess as soon as possible to keep the spill from soaking deep into the sofa. Quick spot treatment is key when it comes to preventing stains.

4- Avoid the Sun's Rays

The sun's UV rays can damage upholstered furniture. The heat from the sun can cause the fabric to fade and the fibers to weaken, which can potentially lead to tears and other damage. To prevent this, keep your upholstery out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

5- Find the Best Upholstery Cleaner

There is such a variety of different upholstery fabrics. From microfiber to silk, from leather to velvet, every type of fabric needs to be cleaned differently. Do not throw on the first couch cleaner you find if you do not know how to clean a couch. To keep your couches from getting ruined, couch cleaning requires some research. Unfortunately, what could work wonders for one type of upholstery could ruin another. Many cleaners also contain harsh chemicals that can ruin, discolor, and leave behind chemical residue on your fabric.

Best Upholstery Cleaning

If you are searching for the "best upholstery cleaning near me" in the Pittsburgh, PA area, you have come to the right place! Zerorez® does the best upholstery and sofa cleaning around! Our professional cleaners use Zr Water®, which is a cleaning agent that is free of harsh chemicals. Zr Water® is water that has been electrolyzed to create a powerful cleaning solution. In other words, it is the perfect couch cleaner! Cleaning the Zerorez® way is non-toxic and safe! It leaves behind Zero Residue®, which keeps the fabric from soiling. It is applied to the upholstery via low-pressure spray to loosen the grime and dirt that is embedded in the fibers of the fabric. You will not be disappointed! Cleaning with Zerorez® is the best way to take care of your upholstery. With our help, you are taking great steps to maintain the life of your upholstery. Schedule a service today!