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Whether you are a home or business owner in Pittsburgh, it’s important to keep your furniture upholstery clean. Upholstery that is not properly cleaned and maintained can become fertile ground for the development of harmful germs and microbes. Not to mention the appearance of neglected upholstery easily becomes an eye sore in any room!

Fresh Upholstery Awaits…

With our patented Powered Water™ cleaning process, we do not use harmful soaps, detergents or shampoos. Instead we use a green cleaning system that removes deeply embedded dirt and odors. Powered Water™ works on any type of upholstered item, including sofas, chairs, auto interiors, and more! The ZEROREZ® system removes the buildup of dirt through a patented, highly effective and safe process. There is no risk of over-wetting with our system and you get great results – healthy, happy and clean upholstery!

Key benefits using Powered Water™ for your upholstery cleaning:


Green cleaning that is safe and effective on fabrics

Kills dust mites and bacteria


Restores fabric vitality and vibrancy

30 Day Gotta Love It Guarantee™


Leaves no sticky, soapy, dirt attracting residue

Lengthens the lifespan of your upholstery

ZEROREZ® of Pittsburgh has the upholstery cleaning solution you’ve been waiting for!  Safe, effective cleaning that will restore the beautiful appearance of your upholstery – making it look like ‘brand-new’!

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