Choosing Professional Tile Cleaning in Pittsburgh

08 Sep Choosing Professional Tile Cleaning in Pittsburgh

Dull tiles are a widespread problem with home keeping. Despite using mops and other cleaning tools, your tile floors may remain dirty and stained.

Ways to Clean Tile

You can remove film from tiles by utilizing a nonabrasive, all-purpose cleaner. Mild acid may also be used (such a mild acid includes lemon juice or vinegar). You would then buff the acid into the tile through the use of a clean, lint-free cloth. Of course, if you don’t want to spend your weekend on your hands and knees on the kitchen floor, you can have a company like Zerorez® do it professionally.

Ways to Clean Grout

Due its porous nature, grout unfortunately absorbs dirt, grease, and all kinds of staining materials. To solve this problem, you can make a cleaning paste with baking soda and water. The paste is then rubbed on the grout and allowed to soak into the grout overnight. In the morning, the grout should be scrubbed with a stiff, nylon brush. Then, your grout should be covered with a silicone-based sealer. This seal will prevent future stains from polluting your grout.

Benefits of Using Professional Tile Cleaners

Included below are a few reasons why you may want to consider professional tile cleaning in Pittsburgh for your next project.
1. Lack of Time
Work, kids, hobbies, pets—we all have personal commitments that take up our free time.

2. Professionals Do a Better Job
While you may be able to remove grease from your tile floors, you will likely not be able to clean with the same precision and quality as a professional tile cleaner could provide. We have seen it all when it comes to floor stains and we will save you personal time and effort. At ZeroRez, we provide expert services that can take care of your tile cleaning needs.

3. A longer-lasting clean
Our professional cleaning equipment will help prevent future stains.

4. Less possibility for chemical damage
Do you know if there are any chemicals you can’t apply to your tile floors?

5. You save money (no cleaning mistakes that will cost you more money to fix)
Putting the wrong chemicals on your floors can completely ruin them and replacements are costly.

Choose an Experienced Tile Cleaner

At ZEROREZ®, we take pride in our ability to provide you with expert tile cleaning in Pittsburgh. Whether you need to save time or money, our technicians can meet your needs. If you want a better clean, go with the professionals. Cleaning your tiles shouldn’t be a stressful experience. That is our promise here at Zerorez®.